Visitor Guidelines - as of  July 1, 2022

 Visiting Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

  • ·By entering the building, visitors are confirming that they pass the screening questions posted on the door
  • Visitors must bring proof of full vaccination status when coming to the hospital. Visitors may be requested to provide proof of full vaccination while visiting
  • Essential care partners who are not fully vaccinated must be asymptomatic.
  • Compassionate exceptions may be made by the Clinical Manager or delegate.
  • Up to two people can be identified as a visitor per patient per day. Visit must be pre-booked and scheduled with no time limit from 10am to 9am daily. One visitor per patient bedside at any given time. In a multi bed room each patient can have a visitor at their bedside.
  • Patients may be accompanied outside with their scheduled visitor.  The patient and visitor must keep their masks on covering their nose, mouth and chin at all times while outside.
  • The patient or NOK/POA can identify designated visitors.
  • Exceptions remain for Essential Care Partners and visitors for essential reasons. Essential care partners can be at bedside outside the 10am – 9pm visiting hours.
  • For outpatient visits, Essential Care Partners are permitted in accordance with the criteria


 Clinical ServicesNumber of Visitors or Essential Care Partners Notes

Admitted patients in:

2 visitors per patient per day. 1 visitor per patient bedside at any given time.
 Clinical manager or delegate may make exceptions on compassionate
Admitted Patients at End-of-Life 2 visitors per patient at one time  
Department patients:
≤ 16 years &
patients who need essential care partner accompaniment.
 1 care partner/guardian  ·For the duration of the ED stay while in Assessment Room.
Clinical manager or delegate may make exceptions on compassionate grounds
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Day Surgery
  • Ambulatory Care Clinics
  • Physiotherapy
 1 Essential care partner  

General Guidelines 

 Overnight Visitors: Visitors may not remain overnight. 

Essential Care Partner Criteria 

  • Parent/ caregiver for a child under ≤ 16 years of age if needed
  • Up to two birthing support persons for a woman in labour.
  • Someone who is confused, reduced mental capacity. Provide
  • required medical history
  • Frail elderly
  • Requires assistance with mobility
  • Requires assistance with feeding
  • Language barrier
  • Emotionally
  • distraught, mental health crisis


 Guidelines for Visitors
  •  Visitors must restrict their presence to the bedside of patient they are visiting (unless the visit is for a family meeting)
  • Hospital-provided 3-ply mask must be kept on at all times during the visit
  • Visitors may be asked to wear additional PPE
  • If in a shared room, curtains must be closed during the visit
  • Only one visitor at each patient bedside at any given time


Keeping patients, staff and the community staff is our number one priority.  We will be carefully monitoring this process, along with directives and guidelines from Public Health and the Ministry of Health, and we will adjust our plan as required.


How Do I Book at Visit?

Please call 613-257-2200 ext. 219 to schedule a patient visit. Your call will be returned between 4 and 9 pm. The visit must be scheduled a day in advance.