Bylaws and Policies 

Read Our Administrative By-laws 


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Board Policy Manual Table of Contents 


Part I  Strategic Direction

I-1   Strategic Planning

I-2   Community Engagement


Part II  Excellent Leadership and Management

II-1     Succession Planning for CEO and COS

II-2     Delegation of Authority to the CEO

II-4    CEO Performance Evaluation

II-5     Chief of Staff Performance Evaluation

II-10   Whistleblower

II-11   Recognition of Exempary Service 


Part III  Quality and Safety

III-1    Integrated Quality Management Framework

III-3    Ethical Framework

III-3    Enterprise Risk Management

III-4    Occupational Health & Safety - Accountability Framework

III-6    Patient Relations Feedback


Part IV  Financial and Organizational Viability

IV-1    Signing Authority

IV-2    Perquisites

IV-3    Expense Reimbursement

IV-4    Investment

IV-5    Resource Allocation

IV-8    Asset Protection


Part V  Board Effectiveness

A. Governance Policy 

V-A-1 Board Roles and Responsibilities

V-A-2 Director Code of Conduct

V-A-3 Confidentiality

V-A-4 Board Standing and Special Committees

V-A-5 Board Chair Position

V-A-6 Board Vice Chair Position Description

V-A-7 Board Secretary Position Description

V-A-8 Board Treasurer Position Description

V-A-9 Committee Chair Positions Description

V-A-10 Community Representatives on Board Committees 

V-A-11 Conflict of Interest

V-A-12 Evaluation of Board Members (UNDER REVISON)

V-A-13 Evaluation of Board Committees (UNDER REVISION)


B. Governance Process

V-B-1 Director Recruitment, Nomination, Election and Assignments

V-B-2 Process for Selection of Board Officers (UNDER REVISION)

V-B-3 Board Member Orientation and Education 

V-B-4 Consent Agenda (UNDER REVISION)

V-B-5 Open Board Meetings (UNDER REVISION)

V-B-6 In Camera Board Meetings (UNDER REVISION)

V-B-7 Criminal Reference Checks/Disclosure of Criminal Convictions

V-B-11 Meetings Without Management (UNDER REVISION)


VI - External Relationships

VI-4 Naming of CPDMH Hospital Assets

VI-4 Official Spokesperson for the Board of Directors