Keep Informed!



The process of planning and construction will take several years and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has a five stage planning process:


  • Stage 1 Part A: Master Plan (Complete)
  • Stage 1 Part B: Master Program (Complete)
  • Stage 2: Functional Plan 
             Outlines the functions, operations, staffing, major equipment, funding and space requirements for the new space
  • Stage 3: Preliminary Design
             Preliminary block and sketch level design are developed with details about all major components, timelines and costs
  • Stage 4: Working Drawings
             Pre-construction phase where detailed drawings and contract documents for tender are drafted and approved
  • Stage 5: Implementation Approval
             Approval to award tender and begin construction


View a preliminary site concept 


If you would like to comment on these plans, please contact Mary Wilson Trider, President and CEO at 613-253-3825 or email mwilsontrider@cpdmh.ca