Our Auxiliary

At CPDMH, volunteers are at the heart of caring - generously offering their time, talents and endless energy. Some people volunteer because they want to give back to their community; others because they believe in our vision and mission. And then there are some who are continuing a family tradition of hospital service or because they have been personally impacted by the hospital at a challenging time in their life. Whatever the reason, most volunteers will modestly say that they receive much more than they give.


Our volunteers come from all walks of life and represent the cultural diversity and values of our community. Volunteers are students, homemakers, professionals, seniors and retirees who care enough to share their most precious resource - time - during the day, in the evening, or on weekends.


Whether it's offering assistance in the volunteer office, helping things run smoothly in patient services or supporting with a fundraising activity, our volunteers are greatly appreciated and essential to the our care. Thank you to our wonderful Auxiliary!


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